How Are We Different?

Our staff has built and continues to maintain a practice culture that values intensity, hard work and a focus on skill development.  Practices are fast-paced, high energy and feature detailed teaching points on how to win the many games within the game.  The Rockets program takes talented players and builds a team foundation on defense. We strongly emphasize the importance of guarding the ball, communication, and off-ball awareness, positioning and reaction speed.

Our Core Values

1. Player Development over Exposure - The common misconception in AAU is that "I need exposure." The truth is, if you're not developing, no one will notice you. If you're quickly becoming a tough player, the coaches will find you. Our consistent focus is on steady growth as complete, two-way players. We work to build skilled and athletic decision makers who know the game of basketball, who play outstanding defense and who are shot makers.

2. Hard Work and High Expectations - We don't accept wasted reps. We expect 100% effort and 100% focus from our players. When our guys achieve at the level we expect, we raise the bar. Positive results are the outcome of shared accountability for performance.  We continue to teach our players to have high expectations for themselves.

3. Improvement over Record - The growth we've experienced is not the result of going undefeated in Northern Virginia AAU tournaments. We would rather learn to beat the best, play older teams and embrace adversity than pat ourselves on the back for building a mantle of mediocrity.

4. Life is Basketball - We strive to do everything we do the right way. Over the years, our staff has built a Rockets family that values traits that transition from the court into life. The ball will stop bouncing one day. If these guys can apply everything they're learning in daily life, they'll be winners off the court as well as on it. We work hard to build great players who are great people.


Our commitment to these values contributed to our class of 2019 team's #17 national ranking among all Division 2 AAU basketball programs.

7th Grade D2.png

Every coach and member of our staff is certified by the NCAA and holds a USA Basketball Gold License

Head Coach/Co-Founder - Jordan Snyder

Assistant Coach/Co-Founder - David Ayres

Assistant Coach/Co-Founder - Ron Williamson